The Secret Society

Emphasis on SECRET

Recent Work

  • A Light in the Dark by ChristianSchloe
  • Cocoon by strawberries
  • mirror of seasons II by doubleblind
  • Whispers in the dark by strawberries
  • Sticking Point by Ben Loveday
  • Chanson de L'Automne by Jennifer Rhoades
  • mirror of seasons I by doubleblind
  • And she was... by annacuypers
  • The Yearning That Fades by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Sleeping Beauty by Trish Woodford
  • New Year by Nikki Smith (Brown)
  • Set Your Heart Free by ChristianSchloe

About This Group

Secrets, Mystery, Intrigue….thats what our group is all about.

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know” ~ quote by Diane Arbus

The idea for this group and the initial creator/host was Tristan Phoenix.

2 PER DAY :)

This group is for almost everyone, those who keep secrets.
Almost every person has heard a secret, or was asked to keep one or has one. are you on that list? Do the Art, Do the Photography, We want to know your secrets. Don’t tell us in words… . convey it visually : )

Mystery, intrigue, secret dreams, secret love, secret places, whispered secrets, secret desires, secret doors etc….. you get the idea. We need to get an immediate sense mystery, intrigue etc in some way when viewing (not just by the accompanying title). Don’t be offended if you work is rejected, it may be a wonderful image but just not suitable for the group. There are so many images to moderate that if that visual feeling of a ‘secret’ or at least mystery, intrigue, mood etc is not convey by the thumbnail it may not be accepted into the group. Again, it doesn’t mean its technically or artistically not a great image.

Please no straight flower shots, landscapes, animals or nudes etc unless they are part of an image that meets the above criteria.
No – Tees
No – Fractals
No – Iphone Covers
No – Fairy Art or Sci-Fi

The above does not mean that these types of art (apart from hate art or discrimination) are not valid and artistic forms of expression. The group is just aiming for a particular look and feel. And there are other specific groups more suitable for those.

Enjoy the group.

Winner of our latest challenge ’It’s all in the eyes…’
making it our new group Avatar is jacqleen’s
“Don’t Forget Me’ – Congrats jacqleen.

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