A place for works that you are particularly proud of.....a gem!!!

Recent Work

  • Kawabunga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Diane Arndt
  • Mating Ritual by Lemarly
  • A messenger of spring by jchanders
  • Ruby Red by Marilyn Harris
  • Watch Those Sparks by MaeBelle
  • Japanese Gardens - Hunter Valley by Marilyn Harris
  • AH...The Joys Of Outdoor Living by MaeBelle
  • Herdwick Sheep - Textured by Marilyn Harris
  • Brookfield Place by John Velocci
  • My Little Red Riding Hood by Ana Belaj
  • WINTER IS HERE by James Gibbs
  • Fossil Creek Colors by Sue  Cullumber

About This Group

Do you have a work on RedBubble which you really love? We want your gems, those pieces of art that you feel strongly about.

GENS does not accept any works with writing on it as it will not be accepted. All photos must be properly cropped and framed. No vacation “happy shots” please. Send us your highest quality work.

We accept Digital, photography, and art.

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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