A Quick Sketch and Drawing Club closed for revamping

Hand drawing only and brush work NO COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGES

Recent Work

  • Lady Chatelaine by KazM
  • Humayan's Tomb, Side by John Douglas
  • Honest Blob Cares Not by Sophie Corrigan
  • speaking for myself by wormink
  • Jack's Christmas  by MGStrack
  • life drawing 2 by Ronan Crowley
  • life drawing 1 by Ronan Crowley
  • women with high heel shoes  by jackpoint23
  • judgement past by wormink
  • eye see by wormink
  • Abstract Lines 3 by pracha
  • Abstract Colors 2 by pracha

About This Group

This group welcomes hand done works only – sketching and line drawings, ink and wash, acrylic, oil and pastel.

We accept unfinished AND finished sketches, drawings and other such hand done works.

Often preliminary sketches, some of which are great artworks in their own right, are overshadowed by their painted, sculpted or printed contemporary works. The raw energy in the artist’s initial inspiration is often not seen to the same degree in the polished, final result.
Please submit your works in progress to uncover some gems showing that art is a process so we can contemplate and appreciate the journey.

Your finished work is welcome as well.

We want it all!

- but we don’t want greeting cards,

See the group rules and join this group here

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