Banksia & Proteaceae Family

Banksias and all members of the Protaeceae family.

Recent Work

  • Red Banksia Bush by Graeme  Hyde
  • Banksia robur leaf by CraftyTiger
  • Nodding Pincushion Glimmers at Dusk by imaginethis
  • Leucospermum Patersonii in Deep Red by imaginethis
  • The Road Trip Garden 16 by beeden
  • Golden banksia by indiafrank
  • Rocket Pincushion by imaginethis
  • Banksia menziesii developing fruits by CraftyTiger
  • The Road Trip Garden 12 by beeden
  • Leucospermum Patersonii - changing colour by imaginethis
  • The 'Pom-Pom' by imaginethis
  • Nature's Candles by imaginethis

About This Group

This group is for the plants within the Proteaceae Family.
This group will accept
Adenanthos – woolybush; Banksia; Bellendena; Conospermum – smoke bushes; Dryandra; Embothrium – Chilean firebush; Floydia – ballnut, possum nut tree (rare);
Franklandia; Gevuina auellana – Chilean hazel; Hakea; Hicksbeachia – red bopple nut;
Isopogon – drumsticks or conebush; Lambertia – wild honeysuckle; Lomatia; Macadamia; Mimetes; Orothamnus – marsh rose; Persoonia – geebung or snottygobbles; Petrophile – Pixie Mops, conebush; Stenocarpus – firewheel tree;
Stirlingia – blueboy; Synaphea; Telopea – Waratahs; Xlyomelum – woody pear tree, Proteas, Leucospermum, Leucadendron, Hakea and Grevilleas.


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