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Features 20/01/12 A splendid mix

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 808 posts

Congratulations to all 24 featured today

Here are a mix of images that are so beautiful and perfectly captured….. Congratulations to all featured :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xxx

Rhododendron Sunrise
by Annlynn Ward

by ibjennyjenny

great blue heron with reflection
by jozi1

Flower planet
by Roberto Bettacchi

by Kristi Johnson

"Gibson's Dawn"
by Phil Thomson IPA

A touch of the exotic….
by polly470

The Con Artist
by flyrod

by Magaret Meintjes

Head Tilt
by ppcpetphotos

by Evelina Kremsdorf

by Kristi Johnson

don't be bold!
by yvesrossetti

by Wojciech Dabrowski

Sunrise in Hawes
by Irene Burdell

Parade 5
by Dominika Aniola

Blue & Yellow Macaws – Singapore (4)
by Ralph de Zilva

Southern Belle
by Marcelle Raphael

Rainbow Lorikeet V Detail
by Damienne Bingham

Runny Nose
by Michael Moss

by Unice McMullen

The Parthenon
by Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos

by PatrickO

poor thing
by Wesley Hellyer

Please take a moment to congratulate our members :)

Marcelle Raphael ©Fine Art Newborns Marcelle Rapha... 2288 posts

WOW!!!!!!!! I’m blown away to have been selected to be included with beautiful works like these above…. WOW JUST WOW to all of them. Congratulations!!!

Wesley Hellyer Wesley Hellyer 2 posts

Thank you very much for the selection. All the above images are extremely well captured. Thanks again and congrats to all.

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1073 posts

Magnificent Images !! Congratulations to all Featured Artists ,what a stunning selection !

Rocksygal52 Rocksygal52 1458 posts

Congratulations to all the featured members on their brilliant work.

Cheers Jude

ibjennyjenny ibjennyjenny 194 posts

Wow. These are all so wonderful. Thank you so much.

yvesrossetti yvesrossetti 21 posts

Thank you for this collection! So nice to discover new people and new beautiful shots!

PatrickO PatrickO 1 post

Thank you so much! Very exciting and great work by all!

Sandra Foster Sandra Foster 1984 posts

Congratulations to all on such great work!

McMullen Photography McMullen Photo... 178 posts

wow this is very exciting to be featured her in this amazing group and along with such beautiful shots. look forward for more shots from me and hope to be featured again some day. Been on RB for I think over 3 years now and it’s been a serious learning process which I have taken very serious. my work has progressed so much I would have never thought my work would have taken on this direction. So thanks to all on RB that leave helpful comments on all my work. it’s paying off! hahahahaha

Roberto Bettacchi Roberto Bettacchi 34 posts

Thanks for featuring, for all the kind comments and congratulations to all!

virginian virginian 13013 posts

Congrats to all !

Damienne Bingham Damienne Bingham 312 posts

Wow, splendid is right! What an beautiful and varied collection of work – so honoured to have one of mine included amongst all of these beauties! Thank you for including me and for sharing these with us, and congratulations to everyone whose work is featured here – wonderful stuff!

Bine Bine 1274 posts

What a beautiful selection !

vaggypar vaggypar 12890 posts

Great Work .!!

vaggypar vaggypar 12890 posts

Great Work .!!

vaggypar vaggypar 12890 posts

Great Work .!!

vaggypar vaggypar 12890 posts

Great Work .!!