THE PHOTOGRAPHERS VAULT (Looking for new hosts)

Camera & Lens Info Required, Please!! *Maximum Upload 2 Per Day*.

Recent Work

  • Walk with me... by EbyArts
  • Out of the Rubble.... September 11, 2001 by John Schneider
  • Winter solstice by Heather King
  • Aloha to the Valley Of The Sun by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Petals fold by su2anne
  • Ivory by Michael  Moss
  • Sunset at the waterhole by Peter DorĂ©
  • Old City by Lanis Rossi
  • Ana's Dahlia by EbyArts
  • Motion of CHB by Arfan Habib
  • What lies behind the blue door by Clare Colins
  • Apache by yanshee

About This Group

The Photographers Vault is a group for photographers who take pride in producing work of a high standard and who are looking for a safe place to store their precious jewels.

To access the Vault, work must have a definite wow factor and be one or more of the following:

exceptional, exciting, enduring
sensational, serious, searching
relevant, romantic, remarkable
delicious, divine, discerning
intense, impressive, immaculate

There is no room in the Vault for costume jewellery.


Ted Busby won a RedBubble voucher.

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