The Other Side of Italy

Take away the romanticism and what are you left with? The 'Real' Italy!!

Recent Work

  • Teatro Greco, Taormina, Sicily. A Concert of Giovanni Allevi 2013 by Igor Pozdnyakov
  • Nave Santa Croce Lecce 19840402 0011 by Fred Mitchell
  • Mosaic floor Duomo 1674 Otranto 1163 19840402 0018  by Fred Mitchell
  • Stairs, Roma by pmreed
  • Fishermen hauling in nets Brindisi Harbour 19840403 0018 by Fred Mitchell
  • Venice by Emma Holmes
  • Lion eating man door of Duomo Trani 19840404 0017  by Fred Mitchell
  • Lower crypt Duomo Trani 19840404 0021 by Fred Mitchell
  • Upper crypt Duomo Trani 19840404 0020 by Fred Mitchell
  • Black swan by Antonello Incagnone "incant"
  • Apse end of St Leonard Siponti 19840405 0001 by Fred Mitchell
  • Carving on end of church St Leonard di Siponti 19840405 0017 by Fred Mitchell

About This Group

This group is about showcasing ‘The Other Side of Italy.’ The non-romanticised version of this country that not many people get to see. Unfortunately we do not all ride around with our romantic lovers on our Vespas into the sunset, with the wind blowing through our hair. That was Audrey Hepburn, I think! As beautiful as the cities, monuments and other famous places are, there is another side to this wonderful country…….a more emotional side, a side that is an everyday reality for Italian people.

What we are looking for in this group is photos/writing/artworks that show the other side of Italy – the run down, forgotten buildings; the places that not many have ever heard of and are hardly ever visited; the regular people who live a life very far away from La Dolce Vita; the struggle to appreciate what is still beautiful about this country amidst the unfortunate corruption and oftentimes, hoplessness. This is the Italy that we want to see……….anything that shows the contrast between the beauty and the reality of this country, after the rose-tinted lenses have been removed!

So show the group how you interpret the “real” Italy….the real, everyday people that add the magic to our culture; the beautiful things & objects that most people walk by without even looking at; the places that are becoming forgotten; and the moments that have only been discovered because they have been captured and expressed by YOU!

All forms of art and creative expression are welcome! However, show me only the best, that is, what you are most proud of! And let’s keep the quality high!

Saluti, Luisa

Please feel free to bubblemail me with any questions/concerns/suggestions/thoughts. I am always happy to talk! Alternatively you can bubblemail my wonderful co-host Daniela.

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