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Features - 28/08/2012

Kanages Ramesh Kanages Ramesh 1059 posts

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to features in “In One’s Mind’s Eye”! Please join me in congratulating the following featured artists on their fabulous visions!

Thank you

Trees N Colors
by Anil Nene

by Maraia

Death rides a pale horse
by John Ryan

Song Of The Duck At Animal Farm
by Monica Blatton

ROSEBUD The Angel of Sweet Songs
by Angela L Walker

Oraculum Mēchanicus 001 (the Mechanical Oracle)
by Karl David Hill

Old and Distressed
by Bine

The Sirens
by Richard Gerhard

The Bride…
by Karen Helgesen

Alice in a Troubled Land
by Tom Norton

Lament of the Time Traveler's Woman
by Nadya Johnson

by Sergei Rukavishnikov

Sergei Rukavishnikov Sergei Rukavis... 147 posts

Congratulations to all

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 870 posts

Congratulations to all the wonderfully talented people whose work is featured here! Thank you so much for including my work too!

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 933 posts

Very cool…Thank you so much…..Congrats to everyone…Fantastic features…..

Maraia Maraia 174 posts

Great selection, congrats to everybody!

Monica Blatton Monica Blatton 25 posts

Congratulations to all :) Really great selection & thanks a lot :)

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1690 posts

Wow! A FABULOUS selection!! I would hate to pick a “favorite” here (so I won’t! LOL) Congrats to everybody featured!! And thanks so much Ramesh, for including one of mine!

linaji linaji 6564 posts

Kool… is the feeling I get from this fantastic layout!! Congrats to the amazing artists chosen!