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interview with Donald Cameron

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What inspires you as a photographer
The opportunity to arrive at a land or sea location, take in the view, and then set about recording a vision of the scene through the camera which is recognisable, yet impossible for the eye to see. That’s what inspires me, it’s why I love black & white and long exposures, you can create another reality and escape to it.

When did your love for photography start
Roughly around 3 years ago I think, I bought a small point-and-shooter for everyday use, and one day decided to head into the countryside to take a few snaps, ending up shooting a waterfall near my home. I recently returned there to shoot it again, and it dawned on me how much I’ve changed and learned since that first outing.

who influences your work
I wouldn’t say there’s a particular photographer who influences me, I actually try to avoid spending time studying what well known photographers are producing, so I can keep an element of originality in my work. There are a lot of people shooting the same style and subjects in their images, which inevitably leads to similarities, but if I just focus on my own work then it’s easier to produce something new and not just a duplication of another photographer’s idea.

whose work on redbubble do you enjoy
Well having said the above, on Redbubble I do like the work of GlennC as he thinks along similar lines to me in terms of image creation, and has a very minimalist black and white style to his shots, many of which I wish I’d taken myself.

What advice would you give to someone who has just started to get into photography
Shoot anything and everything until you naturally find a style and subject which appeals to you, and the rest will fall into place. And ignore the rule of thirds, nothing truly original ever comes from obeying rules.

what makes you want to share what you shoot
“Happiness is only real when shared” (Christopher McCandless, Into The Wild). If you put thought, time and effort into creating something artistic, then it’s human nature to want to show it off, get feedback and keep improving. Without that you miss out on a key part of the experience.

does nature draw you to photography or does photography draw you to nature
Probably both actually. I never had a great deal of interest in the land or sea before I started taking pictures, so an interest in both came about at the same time. Without one, I wouldn’t have much interest in the other.

do your feelings influence or affect what you shoot
Definitely. I love shooting on my own in isolated coastal locations, but I live inland so every seascape shoot requires a significant journey. That almost feels like a form of escape, and so the images often end up with a very minimalist isolated atmosphere which gets this across. And that is also probably why most of the poems which accompany my images are about characters finding a form of escape in the ocean.

How do you come up with the titles of your work
The image/poem combinations I create are usually quite conceptual, so the titles are drawn from that.

how would you like people to remember your work
Hopefully that it would just leave a mark on someone, that they “get” it and that they see something they haven’t come across before. But if any of my work outlasts me, then it’ll be more than I could’ve achieved if I hadn’t picked up a camera, so that’d be good enough for me.

Donald Cameron

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