The Magic of Black and White: 2 Images per 24 hour period

For lovers of Black and White photography. This group is about showcasing the beauty of black and white - its elegance and simplicity; its subtleness and purity. We're after your best Black and White images - those you are most proud of.

  • Opening by Christophe Besson
  • departure by richman
  • Defiant by timpr
  • Going to Sabbath by Joseph  Tillman
  • A dream gained and lost. by Mick Kupresanin
  • The path of Triangles, The Roman Theatre, Lyon, France by Andrew Jones
  • black cat by Bianca Turner
  • The Dance of Nature by Brian Gaynor
  • Sticks by Brian Carson
  • Natural Spotlight by Berns
  • The cold shoulder . . . by Ell-on-Wheels
  • watching the world go by by irishgirl7
  • Indiatlantic Beach by Michael Damanski
  • Well worn by patcheah
  • Still Smiling by fernblacker
  • Seagull by awefaul
  • Willow by Sorcha Whitehorse ©
  • Smoke Break in the Sun by Andrew Wilson