The Human Condition

Group Rules:

The Human Condition – 2 per day
photographic and artistic work showing the Integrity of being human


Group Rules:

This group wants to promote and feature

- your best photographic and artistic work showing the Integrity of being human
- photographs and artwork that capture the soul of individuals and their lives


We will accept:

Photographs and Realism Art ONLY.
At least one person should be prominently visible in your work
All work must look as real and natural as possible.
We are looking for
- street photography (containing people in the image!),
- photo journalistic and documentary work
- candid photography
- spontaneous or emotive portraits
- street portraiture
- ethnic photography
- realism art – traditional or digital work
- wedding photography ONLY if it has a spontaneous or candid aspect to it

… and in any case, your image should show us some specific aspect or element of “the Human Condition”, and “the Integrity of being human” …

Please enter only your best quality work !!


This is what we will NOT accept:

No snapshots or low quality images
No photographs or artwork that show only objects, buildings, animals or nature.
No artificial portraits or work that is clearly “set up”
No self portraits
No multiple images of the same person or model in different poses
No excessively edited photography – (Textures, selective colouring and multiple images (diptychs, triptychs) may be accepted at the discretion of the hosts).
No photo’s or artwork with text placed over the image
No photo manipulation or fantasy work
No nudity of any kind – No pornographic images – No work with a safety filter on
No images contrived for poses or sexually provocative
No images portraying any kind of violence or hatred

Group members are entitled to enter 2 images per day, with a maximum of 20.
We will continue to try and keep the number of Group Gallery pages low, so as to only keep the highest quality images in the group. Therefore occasional pruning and removal of older work from the group will occur.
If your older work gets removed in this way, you are always very welcome to re-enter it to the group, and give it a second chance for exposure on the groups front pages.

  1. Take personal responsibility of the work you place here. Please read the rules, and keep to them.
  1. The hosts reserve the right to moderate according to the group rules and remove photographs at their discretion. There will be no warnings of removal of artwork from the group.
  1. By joining this group you give the hosts full right to use your images in any and all of our groups activities, for example as challenge avatars and in Permanent Features Galleries. Proper credits will always be given.

Specific group rules with regard to challenges:

- All the group members, including the hosts, are entitled to take part in the challenges.

- Hosts are no judges in the challenges. The winners are chosen by voting and hosts have no control over the outcome of that voting. The counting and final decision is made by the challenge program in Redbubble.
There for hosts can enter, but if the host who sets the challenge wins, then winning rights are passed to the next winning image.
- Entries that do not meet the requirements for that specific challenge will be removed without notice.
- Entries for the challenges should also keep to the group rules, and to the general rules of Redbubble.
- Soliciting for votes is not allowed and will lead to disqualification for the challenge, when discovered.
- Images entered to the challenges should be entered to the group at the same time, for the chance to be featured!

Together we hope to create a high quality group that is mutually enriching and inspiring.

You are very welcome to join and to participate.