The Human Condition

Photographic and Artistic work showing *'The Integrity Of Being Human'*

"Painted Faces" ~ The Human Condition Permanent Gallery

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Themed Permanent Gallery

Welcome to this Themed Permanent Gallery of the Human Condition group.
This gallery will continue growing as new works are entered and selected for featuring.
New additions to this gallery will be entered at the top of this page.

Please Note: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time, if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.*

I’m happy and proud to present to you our :

“Painted Faces” Gallery

All over the world, in all cultures and continents, people use to paint their faces.
Sometimes just for fun, for festivals, carnivals and celebrations – Sometimes for religious reasons, for cleansing or healing, as sign of wisdom, or strength, or leadership – Sometimes as a message to others, a sign of personality, or, just because…
From the Sadhu ( the good, holy men) in India and Nepal (Hinduism) and the Eastern artists, to the European street performers and eccentric individuals ~ From the Japanese Bride to the North American clown ~ From the Native American Elders, Papua’s tribal people and the Maori priest, to the carnival celebrants and the painted children’s faces…
Each of the images in this gallery show us a painted face – a woman, a man, a child… a person, each with their own story, their own dignity – unique, irreplaceable, amazing…

You’re welcome to look into their eyes and meet them, each one of them, to hear their story – and if you like, please click on the image, and let the artist know!

New Additions : Feb. 23, 2012

Two Bits In An Ear
by SuddenJim

Little Sadhu
by lamiel

you forget my name
by Enno Kosk

Painted Faces
by Hank Eder

Young girl in Bilas
by georgina1509

Jan. 19, 2012

No Sad Sadhus 3
by AlliD

a sadhu in Kathmandu
by Matt Eagles

The Saint at Haridwar
by Mukesh Srivastava

by R�mi Bridot

Happy weakness
by Adnane Mouhyi

Hunaman's Whistle
by lamiel

Thai New Year 5

Young man Dresses as Lord Shiva
by RajeevKashyap

by Hans Bax

Elaine II
by elisabeth tainsh

Made Up
by BruceMacArthur

The time is now
by su2anne

my river of tears turned blue
by gompo

Bridal March
by BruceMacArthur

Geiko & Sakura 1
by Sam Ryan

Eyes of Wisdom
by sunchaser

by ☼Laughing Bones☾

Get involved…
by Nephrurus

by ☼Laughing Bones☾

Contemplating – Mt Hagen Festival
by EveW

Ready for the Festival
by EveW

Old Wisdom
by Linda Sparks

by PhotoFox

by montserrat

Carnevale di Venezia VI
by Louise Fahy

Charlie Chaplin Mime
by Marilyn Harris

Pensive Mime
by Valerie Rosen

A journey…
by su2anne

Indigenous Dancers at Stylin' Up festival 57
by Jaxybelle

The Pemon Child
by Vincent Riedweg

Inside Linda's Mind (iii)
by juznobsrvr

I Break For Hugs
by Teresa Burnett

The Butterflies
by Ben Loveday

Looby the Butterfly
by Sheila Laurens

by Helen Akerstrom

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Great Work .!!!

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what an incredible start to the year… an amazing body of work!
congrats to both the selectors and artists!!

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beautiful work!!! and a great theme for our first themed gallery :)

Helen Akerstrom Photography Helen Akerstro... 480 posts

I am honoured to be selected amongst this esteemed group of artists!
Amazing work by all…
Thank you to Steppeland for bring together these outstanding features!
Cheers Helen.

steppeland steppeland 1365 posts

Thank you all for the great comments. I’m happy you like the gallery! It was a great pleasure to select these wonderful works!

vaggypar vaggypar 12892 posts

Great Work .!!

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Beautiful – congratulations – hosts and artists!

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Congrats to all the artists for their beautiful work and to steppeland and his team for such a forward-thinking project. It is cooperative efforts such as this that raise the internet to the status of a type 1 global communication device . we We should be proud.

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Thanks for selecting “Little Sadhu”. It has given n=me the chance to view this wonderful gallery! Great stuff!

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Congratulations. Excellent work.

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Wow what a fascinating selection!

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Congratulations to all those featured. Outstanding work. Excellent choices.

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Fantastic collection! Congratulations to all featured.