The Human Condition

Photographic and Artistic work showing *'The Integrity Of Being Human'*

My best "Human Condition" image (Read the rules!)

This challenge closed almost 8 years ago.

The Challenge

Well, let’s give it a go with the challenges again!
For this first challenge since the new hosts-team, we want to give you all the chance to enter your

very best “Human Condition” image

As is written on the groups front page, this group wants to promote and feature
- your best photographic work showing the Integrity of being human
- photographs that capture the soul of individuals and their lives

So, for this challenge:
- we accept only photographs, no added texts nor textures, no excessive post-editing
- your image must show in a prominent way at least 1 human being .
- portraits should be either ethnic, street-, spontaneous or emotive portraits, and must look as natural as possible – no set-up studio work, no self portraits.

And in any case, your image should show us some specific aspect or element of “the Human Condition” …

Be sure to enter your image into the group before entering it into the challenge!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for one or more of your favourite images.

Rewards & Prizes

- Banner and congratulations for the winner(s) and Top10
- The winner(s) will become featured members in this group, and the winning image will be used as new avatar.
- Winning images will be entered to the permanent “Winners Gallery”
- This will be our October 2011 20$-voucher challenge

Additional Information

- Entries that do not meet the requirements for this challenge will be removed without notice.

- Also keep to the general rules of Redbubble, and of this group!

- Soliciting for votes is not allowed.

- Images entered to the challenges should be entered to the group FIRST for the chance to be featured!

- HOSTS are no judges in the challenges. The winners are chosen by voting and hosts have no control over the outcome of that voting. The counting and final decision is made by the challenge program in Redbubble.
There for Hosts can enter, but if the host who sets the challenge wins, then winning rights are passed to the next winning image.

The first image entered to this challenge will be used as the challenge avatar.

Cover Image: Gazing Beyond The Door by jenn77


The Top Ten

for the roads of Barcelona by Antonello Incagnone "incant"

for the roads of Barcelona by Antonello Inca... was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 3 votes.

  • Laughing is blessing by Brian Bo Mei
  • Dance with Me  by Christine Wilson
  • Waiting to Shine... by laruecherie
  • Three Men of Chefchaouen by Jamie Alexander
  • No miracles today by StamatisGR
  • Abundance 2 by Amy E. McCormick
  • alive by Rebecca Tun
  • Her Eyes Shine by Erica Yanina Horsley
  • Lhamassery women. A dash of orange modernism by vesa50

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