The Greatest View in the World

Group Rules:

Upload the image that you think is worthy to be considered the best in the world.

The rest of the group will then vote, monthly. The winner will hopefully recieve a prize from RB.

The 12 monthly winners will go into a final year end vote, to find the ultimate view of the world.

This is what we hope to achieve with this group.
It’s about “The Greatest View in the World”, now what does that constitute;

Well it can be a landscape, seascape, cityscape or it can be what you think is, “The Greatest View in the World”.

The way this group works is as follows;

You are allowed to upload 3 images, these can be photographic or artistic, and the choice is yours. These images can be changed at anytime.

Every month, for 12 months, we shall run a challenge for you to submit your work.

The group will then take a vote, with the winner going into the grand final.

Why is the contest going to run for 12 months, well someone may have the perfect and winning image, but hasn’t had the chance to capture it. Everything looks different at different times of the year.

So get your camera’s or your brushes ready, and go find the most amazing place on the planet and capture it in such a way that the rest of the world will look at it and think, this is “The Greatest View in the World”