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Art About Canada By Canadians And Its Visitors

Recent Work

  • Long Road Ahead by Vickie Emms
  • MV International Cruise Boat by Vickie Emms
  • 'twas on a stormy evening..... by Photography  by Mathilde
  • The Church of Our Lord, Victoria, BC, Canada by Gerda Grice
  • P.E.I. Dirt Shirt store. Charlottetown, PEI Canada by Shulie1
  • Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist  by Vickie Emms
  • Get A Grip by Heather King
  • St. Patrick's Church by John Velocci
  • A Charming Terrasse in Old Montreal by Gerda Grice
  • Fork in the road by Heather King
  • Left In the Hills by Vickie Emms
  • CN Tower View by John Velocci

About This Group

Canadiana is welcoming your submissions of Canadian scenery, artworks, nostalgia etc. Limit 3/24 hour period


No changes to rules as of January 2015
Canadiana is a place for you to present your bright, beautiful images of Canada and Canadiana. Your Hosts want your work to be the best quality, clean, crisp, and clear to highlight the best of this great land.
Canadiana is a Group for Everyone to showcase the wonders of this vast and beautiful country from coast to coast, including the scenery, the people, the culture, the humour, the beauty, or whatever you think makes Canada wonderful.
We welcome all to the group whether they are living in, traveling, or working outside of Canada, including tourists.
Portraiture and abstract art cannot be accepted since it can’t be identified as a place in Canada. Pictures of pets, (portraits, close-ups, where the pet is the focal point) no matter how cute, will not be accepted. There are many other groups for this art.
Art must be totally Canadian content with a location of where the photo was taken.
We will accept HIGH QUALITY scenery, lakes, rivers, landscapes, birds, animals, etc, but these must meet the guidelines of the group and redbubble policy.
a) City/Highway/Place Name/or the common name.
b) Province
c) Canada – preferred, but not a requirement*

Please turn to Group Rules on page 2 for a complete list of what we do and do not accept.

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