The Great Outdoors/ Limit 2 per day!!!

Group Rules:

The group is open to photographs only of wildlife, animals, and scenery found in these areas. Our focus is LAND and the wildlife found on that land. NOTHING MAN MADE in the shots, piers, bridges, fences, houses, boats, paved roads, just a few examples..PLEASE!…
and obviously.. no pics with people in it.. or domestic animals..

WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR: garden, ocean, floral., bugs, roads, man made objects, sky shots, trees or large bodies of water. There are many groups that are perfect for those types of images. Please no macro flowers or bugs. There are many other groups in which to submit these kind of images, just not here please.

Please submit your best work-only high quality photos, that follow group guidelines will be accepted. We will NOT accept images that do not follow the rules.

The Great Outdoors is a group for great PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY. We will accept work straight out of the camera, HDR images, images layered with textures and other photo manipulations such as selective color so long as the image is recognizable as a photograph. This excludes digital painting and other faux painting techniques. It also excludes painting of any type.

Images in a series will be accepted only at the discretion of the host. The general rule is if images in a series are submitted the host will choose one of the series and reject the others. Please do not resubmit rejected series images.

The Great Outdoors is a family oriented group, nothing that triggers, or should trigger, the mature audience filters will be included. Even an inadvertent turning on of the ‘mature filter’ will result in rejection without looking at the image itself. Look, if your work is suitable for a general audience then do yourself a favor and do not turn on the ‘mature image’ filter. No profanity please. Adhere to the Red Bubble rules of courtesy.

Finally, no writing on the image. save for a small signature placed in a lower part of the photograph if you are of a mind to do so, is allowed. Images with writing will be rejected.

Host decisions are final.