The Great Outdoors/ Limit 2 per day!!!

Landscape Photography only (emphasis on LAND please)-Nothing Made by Man

Recent Work

  • Hola from Kaieteur Falls by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Cloudy Sunset by Heather Linfoot
  • 0929 Thomson Dam 1 by DavidsArt
  • On A Clear Day by jules572
  • Tent Rocks by © Loree McComb
  • Autumn at Munising Falls by Kenneth Keifer
  • Grand Anse Beach, Grenada. by John Dalkin
  • Storm brewing by indiafrank
  • Pieman Reflections by Stephen  Nicholson
  • Lake Reflections by Stephen  Nicholson
  • Marrawah........... by Imi Koetz
  • Dawn at Deep Creek by indiafrank

About This Group

This is Important
This group is for those of us who haunt the wilderness areas of the world. We want to see wilderness lands, where you’re free to roam at will. The emphasis on your image must be LAND, not water, not sky, not pretty clouds. NOTHING IN THE IMAGE THAT WAS MADE BY MAN’S HAND NOT EVEN HIS FOOTPRINTS ARE ALLOWED!!! PLEASE READ MORE ABOUT THIS IN THE GROUP RULES.

The focus of the group is the ‘LAND’ in LANDscape. Animals are welcome in the group so long as they are not the subject of the image. Please do not submit images here where the focus is on the animal and not on the LAND you are photographing.

We accept PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY; no paintings, digital art, drawings or other techniques. There are many groups in which to share these images. Post processing such as HDR or layering will be accepted so long as the image still looks like a photograph. Show us your BEST compliant images, Host has the right to use your images for examples in challenges without notice,, but I will try to notify you of that when it happens.

The Great Outdoors accepts new members by invitation only as of April 1, 2015. If you think your work fits our group guidelines and would like to be invited to join send me a bubble mail including your RedBubble User Name. I’ll take a quick look at your work and, if all is well, send out an invite within a day or two.

Basic Guidelines

• The group is open to wildlife, animals, and scenery found in these areas. Our focus is LAND and the wildlife found on that land. NOTHING MAN MADE in the shots, piers, bridges, fences, houses, boats, paved roads, just a few examples..PLEASE!…and obviously.. no pics with people or domestic animals..

• Limit your submissions to 2 images per day. I am quite fussy about this and will remove images that exceed this limitation.

• WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR: garden, ocean, floral., bugs, roads, man made objects, sky shots, trees or large bodies of water. There are many groups that are perfect for those types of images. Please no macro flowers or bugs. There are many other groups in which to submit these kind of images, just not here please.

• Please submit your best work-only high quality photos, that follow group guidelines will be accepted. We will NOT accept images that do not follow the rules.

The Great Outdoors is a group for great photography. We will accept work straight out of the camera, HDR images, images layered with textures and other photo manipulations such as selective color so long as the image is recognizable as a photograph. This excludes digital painting and other faux painting techniques. We do not accept oil, watercolor, or acrylic paintings nor do we accept pastel, pen and ink or pencil drawings.

• We prefer that your images contain a description which includes technical information as well as exposure information. This will become a hard rule on 01 October 2014.

• We want this to be a family oriented group, nothing that triggers the filters will be included. Even an inadvertent turning on of the ‘mature filter’ will result in rejection without looking at the image itself. Look, if your work is suitable for a general audience then do yourself a favor and do not turn on the ‘mature image’ filter. No profanity please. Adhere to the Red Bubble rules of courtesy.

• Finally, no writing on the image. save for a small signature placed in a lower part of the photograph if you are of a mind to do so, is allowed. Images with writing will be rejected.

The whole purpose of this set of guidelines is not to restrict your creative talents, merely to assure that the purpose of the group remains true to its stated intention of being a place to show high quality images of the landscapes of the great outdoors. If your work fits the group great. If not, rest assured, Redbubble is a broad based and diverse community where one can always find a place for what one produces.

Recent Feature Winners

Gads Creek
by Kevin McGennan

Winner of Rivers in the Woods Challenge

I removed the ‘by invitation only’ for joining the group.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

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