The Freelance Photograph *Closed*

For The Freelance Photographer and those looking to hire one.

Recent Work

  • Trees of the Park-B&W by henuly1
  • Don't Goose the Moose by TeresaB
  • Run . . . by Ell-on-Wheels
  • The Autumn Leaves Drift By My Window by TeresaB
  • Rainsong by strawberries
  • Sunny Day in El Chorro. Spain by JennyRainbow
  • 1959 Dodge front-B & W by henuly1
  • Elie Sunrise. by ninjabob
  • Windows of a house in ruins-B&W by henuly1
  • Tequila Sunset by Daniel Sawyer
  • Decorative Pumpkins & Gourds in a Fall Cornucopia by Chantal PhotoPix
  • Canopy of Orange Leaves in the Ottawa Valley by Chantal PhotoPix

About This Group

The Freelance Photographer provides a venue for photographers who are looking for work. It also provides businesses looking to hire and other photo professionals looking for assistants a more centralized location to focus their search.

Because we want to provide a resource for exceptional “Professional” grade photography. We will not accept / remove any images we feel do not have a professional look to them. This will be entirely at the discretion of the hosts. We will not enter into discussions on such matters.

Take a good look at your image and ask yourself if you would hang it on your wall.

Existing Members – You must add your contact and location information here by March 22, 2010 or your posts will be removed.

Professional Quality Work only. We no longer accept images macros of flowers /bugs/butterflys/birds/railings/ordinary houses or family and pet snapshots, seaside shots, nor of nationalistic symbols or flag waving emblems of any country .. mor repetetive themes . etc There are other groups in RedBubble that may accept such images.

We are aiming at more professional grade work to post in this group and any that dont meet the guidelines will be removed.

Discussions will be open to members and may include tips for approaching businesses or other photographers as well as your experience as a freelancer.

New challenge ideas are welcomed.

See the group rules and join this group here

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