The Family Album, ( ONLY "OLD" "FAMILY" photos )

Pics From the Past ONLY

Recent Work

  • 1963 Our Wedding Day  by Woodie
  • 1870 MaryAnn Cranfield by Woodie
  • Catwalking -  Fashion Anno Domini 1964 - My Mother at Varna (Bulgaria) - Aw Sweet Remembers !   Brown Sugar . Hat Heads . Culture at Large (A to Z). 2 favoritings 46 views . Thx ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D
  • Happy Birthday, Aunt Kitty! by artwhiz47
  • Long ago.... by Ana Belaj
  • My Dad and his Father's Watch by Hans Bax
  • My Great Grandfather. Mi Bisabuelo by Arco Iris  R
  • DADDY'S HANDS ~ with VOCALS by Debbie Robbins by Debbie Robbins
  • MIA SORELLA....1967..San benedetto del Tronto . Italia.EUROPA . 9000  VISUALIZZAZ 2015- VETRINA RB EXPLORE 18 OTTOBRE 2011....... . by Guendalyn
  • 1934 - I MIEI NONNI E SEI DELLE LORO FIGLIE E NIPOTI  , ANGELA  E DADO.- 2200 VISUAL.DICEMBRE 2012 -RB EXPLORE 18/19 NOVEMBRE 2011----                                        by Guendalyn
  • ANZAC Day2 by Margaret Stevens
  • "THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS: BEFORE THEY WERE MAMAS & PAPAS"... prints and products by Bob Hall©

About This Group

OLD photos ONLY, Family ONLY,
Please do NOT submit pics from last week or even last year,
or pics of the sights on your holiday, unless a family member is in the pic

this is for memories of the Family past

if you submit recent pics, or pics that do not have family members in. they will be rejected without explanation

got photos you only look at rarely ?

hiding under the bed buried in a shoebox, rarely thought about

maybe get them out when Aunt Nellie comes to stay ?

and that is the only time they get seen!

well here’s your chance to share your family, and memories with the “Bubble”

Congratulations to MrJoop for winning the challenge in the Family Album

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