The Dreaming Sea and Inland Waters - nothing other than water meeting with the land

The land, sky, and waters of the earth - coming together in simple natural scenery = NO HUMANS OR MAN MADE OBJECTS ...

Recent Work

  • Gullwing Lake No 4 by Brian Carson
  • Ocean tranquility 02  by kevin Chippindall
  • Sunset on the Coast, Joondalup, W.A.  by Christine Smith
  • Ocean tranquility 01 by kevin Chippindall
  • Low Tide by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Blea Tarn Reflections. by Billlee
  • Looking Towards Rocky Point, Victoria by Christine Smith
  • Talisker Bay Sunset by derekbeattie
  • On A Quiet Sunset Strip A Lonely Tree Stands.. by Peggy Reilly
  • Jersey Shore Afternoon Blues by RVogler
  • Ballroom Creek by Bette Devine
  • Rough Marble Cliffs  by Georgia Mizuleva

About This Group

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……..Photography only group……..

Celebrating the relationship between water and land, which will include oceans, lakes, ponds, flowing streams, reservoirs & waterfalls
NO Ships / NO Houses / NO Fences / NO Humans / NO animals /
Nothing Man-made..

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