Dragon's Fire for all dragons, all the time!

A place for our many differnt Dragons and their Fire!

Recent Work

  • Napping Dragons by Jeff Powers Illustration
  • Klimt dragons by dragongirl222
  • Leeds Light Night, 2018, #1 by Graham Geldard
  • The Dragon and the Storyteller by TinyDragonLLC
  • Feathered dragon by Neigith
  • Red dragon by Neigith
  • Dragon Art by Walter Colvin
  • Little winged monster and relatives in a terrific pattern by Zoo-co
  • Goodnight Noodle by Orallis
  • Plush Yue by Winter-Wolf-
  • Fluffy Dragon Night Sky by Winter-Wolf-
  • Autumn Dragon by TheLonePencil

About This Group


There are many kinds of Dragons all over the world this is a gallery for all of them, Not all Dragons breath fire, some breath ice! Not all Dragons are imaginary some cultures feel they are real living creatures. Dragons come in may differnt types of looks, from bird like, to lizard like, and even dog like. There are no real set animals dragons are modeled after.

Some dragons live in the seas and don’t have wings they are welcomed here too.

Don’t get Dragons mixed up with other critters like Godzilla or Griffins , this is for DRAGONS only ;)

Some think that the real reason people thought dragons were real is because of putting dinosaurs bones together and not really knowing what they had found.

Dragon means “Terrible Lizard” but he can be a kind dragon too.

People can be in your art BUT the Dragon MUST be the MAIN focus of the art work.
Any Art style will be accepted. (No limit per artist yet)

Lizards with the NAME dragon in their science title, are welcomed here as dragons.
(water dragons, bearded dragons, and kemodo dragons, ect.)

Dragon Fire’s Presents:

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