THE DIVINE FEMININE (Closed for the Holidays)

GROUP CLOSED!! A group that celebrates the goddess within. Whether Light or Dark as both play a part. ~ *only tasteful nudes allowed ~ no pornographic stuff accepted

Recent Work

  • "Comely" by Helenka
  • Sugar Coated Sour: Autumn (curvy pin up with butterflies, erotic nude portrait) by kiss-my-art
  • The best comedy Queen in the world. by Barbara Mann
  • Marilyn WW blue dark by TheoDanella
  • Tangled by strawberries
  • In a Tree by the Brook There's a Songbird Who Sings by rowanmacs
  • I didn't ask you to beat me by strawberries
  • The Mermaid, acrylic painting, fantasy art, green shades, underwater by clipsocallipso
  • Princess by Barbara D Richards
  • Bouyancey by ikonvisuals
  • Mona Skullisa by Stack
  • Outlook by Jenny Wood

About This Group

This is a group dedicated to the Divine Feminine within us all. we want to see your art and of your own journey of birthing the goddess within.This group is not exclusively for women, as men also work with their feminine energies..
We will accept all forms of artwork to specifically portray the Divine Feminine in some fashion. Art about the Goddesses Good or Evil. Please no nature, animal or scenery photos unless combined with a Goddess.
Only tasteful nudes in nature or with nature elements added allowed ~ pregnancy nudes without nature is acceptable.
Divine feminine energy represents these aspects within the universe:

➳ Restoration ➳ Life ➳ Renewal ➳ Creation ➳ Birth ➳ Healing
➳ Receptivity ➳ Openness ➳ Motherhood ➳ Nurturing ➳ Love
➳ Creativity ➳ Understanding ➳ Compassion ➳ Insight ➳ Intuition
➳ Wisdom ➳ Forgiveness ➳ The moon ➳ Connection ➳ Harmony
➳ Sensuality.

And why the Dark Feminine is allowed in group.
Real transformation, like any birth, needs the darkness as much as the light. We know that the feminine has been abused, just as the planet continues to be polluted. But the woman who has experienced the pain of childbirth, who knows the blood that belongs to birth, is always initiated in the darkness; she knows the cycles of creation in ways that are hidden to the masculine. She needs to give herself and her knowing to this present cycle of death and rebirth, and in so doing honor the pain she has suffered. Then she will discover that her magic and power is also being reborn in a new way, is being returned to her in ways that can no longer be contaminated by the masculine and its power drive. But without her full participation there is the danger of a still birth; then this present cycle of creation will not realize its potential.
To allow the Divine Feminine within ourselves to surface, we need to search for these aspects within ourselves.Every woman is a unique expression of the Divine Feminine and it will shine through.
Coming into alignment with the Divine Feminine within us is not about conforming to an archetypal idea of what Divine Feminine is, or isn’t. It is about releasing the things that disallow our own unique feminine essence from radiating through us. It is about re-claiming who we really are.♥

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