The Desert Nude

Art nude images from harsh desert landscapes

Recent Work

  • Zuza - 2 by Mikhail Palinchak
  • 6320 BW Art Nude Desert Pose IR Glow Beautiful Woman by Chris Maher
  • Sandy Dune Nude - The Run by SURXPOSED
  • Carissima Hedy - Sandy Dune Nude by SURXPOSED
  • Sam On The Rocks by NakedCreations
  • Sandy Dune Nude - The Jump by SURXPOSED
  • Sandy Dune Nude - The Dash by SURXPOSED
  • Sandy Dune Nude - Butt and Legs by SURXPOSED
  • Ilva - 174 by Mikhail Palinchak
  • Ilva - 164 by Mikhail Palinchak
  • Dream by Angilellajoseph
  • Apparition by Angilellajoseph

About This Group

The desert offers it’s own unique challenges and rewards particularly within the art nude genre, Placing the beauty of the nude form within the harsh beauty of the desert takes a special artist, photographer and model that have a love for the desert can make it come alive through photography.

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