Corporation Inc (max 3 per day | no variants)

Fictional companies and products of the multiverse.

Recent Work

  • Master by piercek26
  • Retro Gamer by piercek26
  • Shelled from above by piercek26
  • OBAY by derP
  • It's self-aware...and messaging me by scribblechap
  • CROSSROADS - Soul Trading Co. by inkDrop
  • Manly Beard Wax by robotrobotROBOT
  • B-Head-It by robotrobotROBOT
  • Big Fire #6 by Crocktees
  • Twin Pies Coffee by jangosnow
  • Composers by synaptyx
  • Stormborn by Neov7

About This Group

THIS GROUP IS NOT A POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS PLATFORM. No real-world politics/religion – Take that stuff elsewhere.

We are about fun and fiction. GROUP TOPIC ALIGNED WORKS ONLY. Keep it to 3 subs per day max. If you have multiple variants of the same design, submit your favourite one only. You can cross-link the rest in your own listings.

We are a niche t-shirt, art and writing group that pays tribute to all those big (and small) nasty and not nasty corporations and companies from film, TV, books and games. Cool mashups and clever parodies of products, and corporations. We also accept any fictional company’s products. Submissions must be aligned with the theme of the group, we are not a general pop-culture/mash-up repository.

Addendum: Fictional sports teams and players are also welcome.

The Corporation thanks you for compliance!

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