The COMPACT GROUP 1/24 Small compact cameras with fixed lens, NO DSLR?Mobile Phones Cameras. NO compact with interchangable lens please. Camera make please

For people who use a Small Compact Digital or Compact Film Point & Shoot Camera *with fixed lens* No DSLR,Bridge Cameras,Mobile phones Please, Camera Make must be added!

Big Challenge ~ July 2012 ~ *Seascapes* IMAGES IN THE GROUP.

This challenge closed almost 5 years ago.

The Challenge


Please check your image is in the group we do regular image removal. If you are not sure re- add it and you will get a acceptance banner. recent addition in the group.

we use acceptance banner/ message at group moderation time*

Make of the compact camera at the top of the imfo please.

Camera must be a SMALL compact camera and fit with the new group rules and guidelines that changed on the 1st June 2012

Show us your best seascapes, rolling waves crashing on the shore line. Textural rocks with water rolling over them. Wonderful strip of beach with sea stretching from it.

people, boats can be included but the MAIN factor must be the seascape.

Some processing allowed but please keep it as natural as possiable : )

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for the image or images that you like and that fit the challenge criteria.

Any issues with block voting or asking for votes then the image will be removed.

Rewards & Prizes

Winners banner,

Group avarta

Featured member

Image on overview page and linked to your profile.

Group message with all top 10 placements

Praise and bragging rights : )

Additional Information

Open to all members of the compact group only.

Please check your image is still in the group, we do regular image removal

Images will be checked for the make and model of the camera used. and they fit the groups rules and ethos, if not the image will be removed from the challenge at any time

Images will be removed at any time through the challenge and voting if they do not fit the challenge or group rules.

Hosts allowed to enter but if they win the winners banner will go to the next member in the placements.

Challenge set by Karen

Cover Image: Jericoacoara # 1 by GUNN-PHOTOS


The Top Ten

Indonesian Sunset by Kasia-D

Indonesian Sunset by Kasia-D was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 2 votes.

  • Boat Ahead by Werner Padarin
  • Brasilian Dreams # 1 by GUNN-PHOTOS
  • varkala - black beach by rainbowvortex
  • Book Ends by Randy Sprout
  • Sunset Over Seal Rocks - View From The Nobbies by TonyCrehan
  • Seaspray by RVogler
  • such a tide as moving seems asleep by shireengol
  • Brittany coast near Kerdalé by 29Breizh33
  • Sunshine on Tateishi Beach by Mui-Ling Teh

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