The COMPACT GROUP 1/24 Small compact cameras with fixed lens, NO DSLR?Mobile Phones Cameras. NO compact with interchangable lens please. Camera make please

For people who use a Small Compact Digital or Compact Film Point & Shoot Camera *with fixed lens* No DSLR,Bridge Cameras,Mobile phones Please, Camera Make must be added!

4# Monthly $20 Featured Artworks Challenge - *JULY* 2010

This challenge closed over 7 years ago.

The Challenge

For images featured in the COMPACT GROUP during the month of JULY 2010. All eligable images will be invited to add their work to the challenge. This excludes those featured as a result of a challenge top ten.
Well I hope we all get inspired to capture that perfect stunning “WOW” image! Because each week Pam, Karen and I feature 12 images. We all have different tastes so everyone has an equal chance of being featured. Each month we invite those images that have been featured to enter into a $20 featured image challenge! So if you get a feature, don’t forget to add it for a chance of winning a $20 voucher! If you are lucky and get featured more than once you’ll have to choose which image you wish to enter!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for your favourite image/s.

Rewards & Prizes

BOASTING, BRAGGING, GLORY and a $20 RB Voucher!!!!!

Additional Information

This challenge is only open to group members and obviously the image has to have been taken with a COMPACT POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA & FEATURED in the month.
As per group rules the camera details must be added in the description of the image. It must have been featured in the group during the stated month and be displaying a featured artwork banner. This excludes images that have been featured as a result of top ten challenge placements. If you are unsure ask one of the the hosts or view the FORUM
Images must be added to the group
Any images not conforming with the above will be removed from the challenge.
May I also add I am not being over picky on the rules, but if the camera details aren’t added we don’t know if it’s been taken with a Compact Camera or not and if it’s not in the group it can’t be featured if it is placed! That is the reason! :O) So if you have taken the time to take the photo and submit it I guess you’d like to win and be proud of your win!
Absolutely no journaling or bubble-mailing asking for votes from everyone on your watchlist. Let your photo win of its own merit. We hate to add this, but feel it’s necessary. If we see someone get a big rush of last-minute votes (not one or two or consistent voting, of course, but several in a row at “zero hour”), we will assume they’re going against this stipulation and “padding” the ballot box, and will be forced to remove their photo from the challenge to keep it fair.

Cover Image: OFF DUTY by Sharon A. Henson


The Top Ten

OFF DUTY by Sharon A. Henson

OFF DUTY by Sharon A. Henson was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 6 votes.

  • Catching the Evening Light by George Swann
  • Horses by sunrise in the fog  by angeljootje
  • station sunrise on upsan downs by spiritofthebush
  • Water Reflection 2 - JUSTART © by JUSTART
  • Leeds Castle by ChelseaBlue
  • Binding by Berns
  • Summer Magic by Tibby Steedly
  • Yesterday Today  by Edge-of-dreams
  • walkway to the sky by ragman

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