The COMPACT GROUP 1/24 Small compact cameras with fixed lens, NO DSLR?Mobile Phones Cameras. NO compact with interchangable lens please. Camera make please

For people who use a Small Compact Digital or Compact Film Point & Shoot Camera *with fixed lens* No DSLR,Bridge Cameras,Mobile phones Please, Camera Make must be added!

Recent Work

  • " L'accordéoniste ... " by jean-jean
  • San Francisco Building by Scott Johnson
  • Sunsrest by su2anne
  • Thalys High Speed train. by Lilian Marshall
  • Rocking the 50's by RightSideDown
  • Ceiling & Skylight by Scott Johnson
  • Would you believe it's called a sheet. by RightSideDown
  • In the cave... by jean-jean
  • Colorful geranium by Maria1606
  • Lighthouse Light by Scott Johnson
  • Wild Waters Tamed  by Kathryn Jones
  • Table by Scott Johnson

About This Group


This group is for Photos that have been taken ONLY on a SMALL COMPACT digital or SMALL COMPACT film camera ,IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IF YOUR CAMERA FITS LOOK HERE
Updated 10th October 2012 Compacts must have fixed lens, COMPACTS WITH INTERCHANGABLE LENS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED INTO THE GROUP

Here are just four of the many cameras that COULD call themselves compacts but are really bridge cameras leaning towards DLSRs. These pictures give you an idea whats NOT a compact camera ! images from these types of cameras are not allowed in this group

These are the types of cameras we love in our group : )

PLEASE make sure YOUR MAKE AND MODEL OF COMPACT AT THE TOP OF THE DESCRIPTION BOX. This group is to share the wonderful work that can be captured using only our Compact point and shoot cameras. Exhibit clever captures that you could not perhaps get using a dslr, or maybe you just prefer to point and shoot, then this is the group for you! NO DSLR cameras or Mobile Phones….

Compact Cameras have changed very much in the last 3 years, the group is still only wanting to see images taken with SMALL COMPACT Camera -fixed lens recent models are acceptable of course!


The winner of the August challenge is Kaysharp with the beautiful hydrangea in bud image such delicate colours.

Hydrangea in Bud,Tumut, N.S.W. Australia.
by kaysharp

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