The Challenge Corner

The group will host a couple of challenges a week-the main focus is challenges

  • A digital painting of  The "Victory" (Nelson's Flagship) Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 19th century by Dennis Melling
  • I turn over a new leaf every day. by Alex Preiss
  • Hoodoo .11 by Alex Preiss
  • River Sunset in Sabah  by Peter DorĂ©
  • One in a Million by Owed To Nature
  • Bryce Canyon from Inspiration Point by Alex Preiss
  • Carefree Cheetah Cub by Owed To Nature
  • Climbing Sundew by Ben Loveday
  • Black-shouldered Kite by triciaoshea
  • Silent Black by Delfino
  • DJ Kris Meja by Den McKervey
  • Zebra Profile by Ginny York
  • rock-a-bye-gosling by Ruth  Jolly
  • Merry Xmas & Happy New Year by Elaine123
  • Message From Above by Randy Richards
  • Sparkle, Glitter and Shine by Amy Dee
  • Dolphin by AnnDixon
  • Midnight Patrol by Sheryl Unwin