Beauty of The Human Body (2 works/day)

We want to show the beauty of the hands, breasts, arms, bottoms, feet, hair etc... Please upload only your best works, obligatorily in good taste!

Recent Work

  • Shoulder & Shadows by Kitsmumma
  • Inside the Cabaret by ReneR
  • Metaphysical pinup (NEW) by Zeb Shaffer
  • Bodyscaps By Dan - Bodyscape 02 by bodyshotsbydan
  • Beauty Awakens by Julian Wilde
  • Necromancer by Geoff Coleman - Conceptuals
  • Hidden Glow by Maxoperandi
  • Bodyscape 34 by Dan Perez
  • Bodyscape 33 by Dan Perez
  • Black Pumps by fernando
  • Kirsty from Australia by catwalk
  • Fushcia 2 by MarkBigelow

About This Group

The human body is a beautiful and complicated machine… I want to focus especially on the body parts rather than on the whole, but…
Show the intimacy of the human body.

Please upload only your best works obligatorily in good taste!!
No snapshots please.
And again – no snapshots please!
You have to focus on human body, not on some complicated arrangement in which the body is just a small part of the picture…

avatar of the group: A Little Oil by tett

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