The Art of Sport

Object – to display images that are a bridge between general sports action / and an artist’s view / .


  • Biking by Karol Livote
  • Where's my golf ball? by Paul  Donaldson
  • Behind The Wave by peterperfect
  • Surfing Jaws The Green Zone by Bob Christopher
  • CrabCurl by Throwing  Buckets Magazine
  • Heading Out by Heather Prince
  • Hell's Rider by Luca Renoldi
  • Up and Away by Oliver Lucas
  • Shore Surfing, skim surfing on the shallow waves on the beach at "Avila Beach" California by Eyal Nahmias
  • Star jump by MWhitham
  • Going All Out by Laurie Minor
  • A great winter sport by Shawnna Taylor
  • MANIAC by Scott  d'Almeida
  • line up by UncaDeej
  • NOTHING YOU CAN DO CANT BE DONE ! by Scott  d'Almeida
  • A winter day at the races by Alan Mattison
  • Solitude - Narrabeen Lakes, Sydney - The HDR Experience by Philip Johnson
  • Rings by Craig Fletcher