The Art of Pain

Group Rules:

Please read and understand guidelines

Please don’t add more than 2 works per day, it makes moderating the work a little easier, and helps ensure that everyone’s amazing work will get seen.

Be expressive but
-No nudity/pornographic stuff
-No sexual images
-No gory images
-No torture images
-Respect the works of others

The aim of this group is to help people deal with personal pain by expressing it through art and writing, and help them overcome their pain by seeing the bright side of things. Therefore, we don’t want gory and brutal images submitted.

If you’ve created quite a powerful image because it’s helped you deal with pain you’ve experienced (be it emotional or physical), then please include something about this in the description. Otherwise, if I see an image of a guy holding a bloody axe, chances are, it’ll get rejected.

So, please don’t submit than TWO works (one artwork, and one written piece/ both written/ both artworks) per 24 hours
And NO brutal images, UNLESS there is a description alongside which links to the intention of the group.

If you’ve got any queries or qualms please send us a bubblemail. =]