The Art of Pain

It's in the difficult moments, in the dark spots of life that you are tested to find the beauty. Pain actually has the power to enrich your soul if you look at the Art of Pain.


  • robin hood in barnsdale stood by charliethetramp
  • sorrow by glennbrady
  • tied up for the evening by charliethetramp
  • To Scare The Dead par CorteX by edend
  • dream that which is not filled by charliethetramp
  • portrait of "Mariam Muradian"  sunrise 1/15/1963 - sunset 12/292017 by helene ruiz
  • untold unsold unfold by charliethetramp
  • every level has its devil by charliethetramp
  • Skeleton with Anaglyph 3D Stereoscopic Effect by Denis Marsili
  • Blue Eyes Leopard by AngieBraun
  • the shadow self by charliethetramp
  • Abstract Safari - Wanderer II by BlackLineWhite
  • Watering the Desert by schwebewesen
  • the flower of the mountain by charliethetramp
  • Holding on to your memory and shadow by strawberries
  • It's not much; it's little, and broken, but still good. And it's all I have to offer by strawberries
  • Funny Dog and Moon by BlackLineWhite
  • she glowed in the dark by charliethetramp