The Art of Pain

It's in the difficult moments, in the dark spots of life that you are tested to find the beauty. Pain actually has the power to enrich your soul if you look at the Art of Pain.

About This Group

A place where you can express your emotions while finding the beauty of sadness and pain, and how this has helped you grow as a person. Experiences are invaluable, especially the difficult ones for they force us to grow through the pain we’ve felt. Create art depicting this message and express the beauty of pain.
Show us how you have healed and saw the light, and in doing so, you’re able to help others through your art and poetry as well.

Please we are looking for original art that expresses your personal experiences whether past or present.

Challenge Win(s) Comfort Within Yourself
JOY by Autumnwind
This Soul Is My Own by David Mowbray

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