This Group is all about multiple Shots of someone or something layered in the one photo over and over and over and over.. you get my point hehe!!!!

Recent Work

  • Love #2 by Graham Geldard
  • Warhol On Warhol Stolen From Warhol by Graham Geldard
  • Us & Them by Alessandro Florelli
  • Blue Leaves by Greta  McLaughlin
  • Self Portrait by Graham Geldard
  • Mother and Child by mrthink
  • Lost Souls by Alessandro Florelli
  • Inkblot Elephants by mrthink
  • Three Windows by mrthink
  • Bubble Window by Graham Geldard
  • Two Feathers by mrthink
  • Men On The Moon by Graham Geldard

About This Group

Multiplicty is the art of taking multiple shots of someone or something and combining them into the one photo.. Or using sequence shots in sports etc…

This can be done by…
1) Moving a model around a scene and using some cool layering techniques
2) Using your rapid fps and capturing a sequence and layering the image together or
3) Even hitting up some long exposures and moving the subject around the frame!

Whatever your style we would love to see your images!!!

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