The Art of Duo Tone Erotica

This group is for high quality erotic art in duo tone (black and white or sepia tones) and will generally not be safe for workplace viewing

Recent Work

  • Beach 12 by The Nude  Project
  • RB 35 by The Nude  Project
  • Referendum by darkvampire
  • Legs by Brian Posslenzny
  • RB57 by The Nude  Project
  • Knight to arms by John Tisbury
  • RB49 by The Nude  Project
  • RB41 by The Nude  Project
  • RB 33 by The Nude  Project
  • Biker III by Darkmonkey
  • Been Played Too hard by xaviercarlson
  • Sweet Whispers by xaviercarlson

About This Group

No Clothing, Stickers or iPhone Cases will be accepted into the group.

This group is for artists who wish to showcase their best erotic art that is in black and white, duo tone or sepia format.

No images of individuals under 18 will be permitted.

Work must comply with Red Bubble guidelines and have the not safe for workplace filter applied.

Erotica is not pornography.

For this group the work should be imagery that evokes or displays a sensual or sexual response in the viewer or subject and be either in black and white or sepia tone.

The upload limit is now 2 images per 24 hours.

For your assistance the RedBubble’s policy on placement of the Not Safe For Workplace Viewing is reproduced:

The Not Safe For Work filter is for visual and written works which are within RedBubble’s content guidelines but may still unintentionally offend or cause someone trouble if viewed in their workplace. This includes works depicting nudity, horror, erotica, political statements or bad language.

See the group rules and join this group here

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