The Amerel (ON HOLD)

The group will be based on the blog, "The Amerel" which is intended to grow into a magazine.

Recent Work

  • Icelander in the shadows by Alan Mattison
  • Fairy Mist by Sue Nueckel
  • Emma & Gemma (Gemini) ~ Zodiac Series by sandygrafik
  • Dear, old London....# 2  (UK) by Daniela Cifarelli
  • Market Street Bridge Reflections by Shelley Neff
  • Terrigal by Sue Nueckel
  • Measuring up by micklyn
  • Gold Face by KazM
  • Mama Africa by Daniela Cifarelli
  • Feel My Love by myrbpix
  • My cherry amour by Alan Mattison
  • Split personality by Vasile Stan

About This Group

“The Amerel” features photographers and digital artists monthly with the intention of bringing recognition to the unknown artist. With the intention of growing into a magazine, featured work and artists, and challenge winners and their works will be published in the magazine. Until then, those pieces of art and the artists will be interviewed and featured in the blog.

NOTE: The group is currently under revision and will re-open soon. Stay tuned!!!

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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