The Addicted Photographer

You are like a kid in a candy store when you hold a camera; you're addicted.

Recent Work

  • Dark InsanitY by Graeme M
  • Luna by JEZ22
  • Desolation AngelS by Graeme M
  • The Horse in the Garden by Eileen McVey
  • The lonely cow by JEZ22
  • Untitled by Glenda Williams
  • Untitled by Glenda Williams
  • Three Doors by Buckwhite
  • Almost ready . . . by JEZ22
  • Soaring With Purpose by Lesliebc
  • Blooming Beauty by RickDavis
  • ORCHIDS NEVER SLEEP by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

About This Group

You can’t wait to go out and take photographs and usually always have your camera with you. You are constantly thinking about the next shot and won’t rest until you get it. You have an addiction to Photography. It’s OK though, we do too. Whether you’ve just become addicted or have been for years, you are among friends here. You can expect something fresh and new every time you visit. So, go ahead and admit you have a problem and join:)

Autumn Colors Challenge Winner

Autumn’s Blanket by Barbara Brown

Starts with the Letter D Challenge Winners

Betty Blood Hound by Ladymoose

Waiting for the Walk by Randy Turnbow

Trio of Animals Challenge Winner

Family Portrait #1 – Polar Bears, Churchill, Canada by Carole-Anne

New Avatar Challenge Winner

Paper by John Velocci

One Single Flower Challenge Winner

Water Lily by Dennis Wetherley

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