That feeling...

Photography that gives you the same feeling as your favorite song or a memory that you hang on to.

Recent Work

  • Mixed Emotions by Laurie Search
  • When You're All Alone In This Life by Laurie Search
  • Nature Trail by Nikki Smith (Brown)
  • After just a few short days by Joshua Greiner
  • And he was by madworld
  • spring nature by Darta Veismane
  • It Lives, It Grows, It Comes, It Goes by Laurie Search
  • seoul bakery by Tony Day
  • Does Jesus only love a man that loses by madworld
  • Take My Hand by Nikki Smith (Brown)
  • guest by Darta Veismane
  • The Earth Moved When You Loved Me by Laurie Search

About This Group

Photography with some processing. Nothing overly processed.

The kind of photo that when you see it, you get that little ache in the pit of your stomach. Maybe it makes you feel how you did with your first kiss. It takes your breath away for a split second. Something about it sticks with you for a little while after you leave the page. Or maybe it gives you the same feeling you get when you hear the first few notes of your favorite song. Could be happy, could be heartache… just makes you FEEL.

That Feeling – 2 May 2011
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May 1, 2011

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