Surfaces & Textures

Where Surfaces and Textures Are Art in Photography

Recent Work

  • Dreamy Buds by Marylou Badeaux
  • History by Sabina D'Antonio
  • Scratches by Ken Simm
  • Nigatsudo by yvesrossetti
  • Reflection?  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • After the Storm by sienebrowne
  • Quirky Sights of the Outback #2 by Lexa Harpell
  • Garden Rain by Marylou Badeaux
  • Raindrops by Marylou Badeaux
  • Notting Hill Gate ... London by Angelika  Vogel
  • Forest Gold by Nadya Johnson
  • Grape Vine Leaves by Elaine Teague

About This Group

This is an active group on Feb 24th 2019

This group’s scope is surface structures, details, shapes, and textures as the subject of the image. The artistry and composition of the surface and texture itself is our major theme. The composition of the image showcases the texture and surface. Images where the focus is on the landscape, flower, street scene, people, etc are out of scope of the group – really out of scope.

Where can surfaces and textures be seen? In the grain patterns of wood, the surface of stones, crystals of snow and ice, water, fabric, metal, leaves, sand, woven objects, clouds. Included are built architecture surfaces and the urban decay surfaces such as rust and decay where scratches and dents create surface structure, texture, detail, and colour. Textures can occur at all levels – including aerial photography.

In this group, typical images include parts of flowers to show the texture of the petals, a close-up of bird feathers or animal fur to show the patterns of the surface, or rock faces without the horizon to showcase the surface and compositional patterns.

We NO LONGER include original art (e.g. acrylics, watercolours, paintings, etc) as we receive too many out of scope submissions.

All kinds of surfaces and textures are of interest. The range includes:
- rough, ragged, gritty, bumpy, spiky, sharp, fuzzy, slimy, slick, slippery, smooth, soft, silky, scaly, coarse, burl, knot, slub, abrasive, scratchy, shaggy, bristly, prickly, spiny, thorny, burnished, glossy, polished, powdery, and fine

This is NOT a group about created and composite textures that are layered on other images for visual appeal. This is a separate art form that is not in scope of the group. We are NOT about patterns either. Please do not submit these to the group.

Our current rule of thumb: the image subject is surface or texture.

Here is our March 31st, 2015 features page to demonstrate our focus:

What is excluded from the group?
- No overlay textures – there are many groups for these types of art.
- No images with surfaces and textures a secondary theme/topic

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