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Recent Work

  • Flowers of Summer Series: Water Lily by EmmaLeigh
  • Flowers of Summer Series: Fresh Summer Bloom by EmmaLeigh
  • Wild West by Capt. Charles McKelroy
  • Texas Desert Sunset by Capt. Charles McKelroy
  • Greenthread by Bill Morgenstern
  • Moonrise over the Franklin Mountains by Ray Chiarello
  • Coot trio by zumi
  • Baptist church by zumi
  • Historic Shelby County Courthouse and Jail by Catherine Sherman
  • Cactus virág by zumi
  • Platalea ajaja by zumi
  • Chisos Mountain Sunset  by Cathy Jones

About This Group

Welcome to the BIG State of Texas! The Lone Star State is the second largest State (Alaska is the largest) in the United States. The goal of the Texas Group is to showcase all of the wonderful beauty, long history, and diverse culture that Texas has to offer, but also all of the great Texas artists.

This group is primarily for those who live in Texas, but is open to anyone who would like to share their work while visiting Texas. All photography must have been shot in Texas, with the location listed in the title or description. Think of it this way, if someone had never been to Texas before, the work you submit should give them a visual image of Texas life or landscape.

Texas is BIG and Texans are proud, so let’s show the world that EVERYTHING really IS…BIGGER in Texas!



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