Techno Logical

Anything - ancient or modern - that makes manmade objects function.

Recent Work

  • Still Holdin' On by Kelly Chiara
  • The Gypsy Girls  by Michiel de Lange
  • Air balloon by Hans Bax
  • Paris - Fire escape by Jean-Luc Rollier
  • Carillon in the Snow by Hans Bax
  • Reflection by Hans Bax
  • Detail in Snow by Hans Bax
  • Waiting for Hot Chocolate by Hans Bax
  • Hurry Home #0101 by Michiel de Lange
  • Wheel, framed by Pål Breivik
  • Santiago, next stop??? by Hans Bax
  • Wijk bij Duurstede by Hans Bax

About This Group

It could be a bell-ringer’s rope in a church, or a computer mouse. It could be an instrument in a modern jet, or a simple steering wheel in a child’s car. It could be a wind-up gramophone, or an iPod wheel.

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