Tasmania on Film

A group for all photographs of Tasmania, taken on film.

Recent Work

  • 1960 CADDY FIN by Derwent-01
  • XA GT by Derwent-01
  • Uncle Sam and his Rat Rod by Derwent-01
  • Ducati  by Derwent-01
  • Multitasking Busker, Salamanca  by Derwent-01
  • Valiant Pacer 245 by Derwent-01
  • HK GTS 327 by Derwent-01
  • HK GTS by Derwent-01
  • A Winter Waterfront Scene by BRogers
  • Walls Of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania by Andrew Smyth
  • Beach - Fortescue Bay 1 by Andrew Smyth
  • Dixon's Kingdom, Tasmania 1 by Andrew Smyth

About This Group

This group is for any images of Tasmania which were taken on film, sorry but no digital shots! Pretty much anything goes here, although there are groups for Not Work Safe images so we would rather not see those in here. Photographs of pretty much any subject at pretty much any place in Tasmania will be accepted in here, it does not have to have an “identifying Tasmanian theme” or anything like that, just has to be taken in good old Tassie!

So…all you film shooters who are in Tasmania, or those from outside of this wonderful isle who have visited and taken some photos, get your best work up here! And for all you digital shooters who have some older images stashed away on film…drag them out and join the party!




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