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About This Group

As Life itself. First was a Void. Emergent and creative. So we are. A communion of souls endevoring the “penetrating into” a Realm of Consciousness. We have symbols for that. Descriptions of our developing as a Human related to Nature.This communion is for tending a bridge between our art , feelings , wish to learn and how to manage them and express in a new and individual way, the magnificent Soul architecture of the Tarot.
In a future… each new “communicant”.. will be able to render the Spirit of this ancient symbology. We invite you to participate. We grant you a space for learning and opening to new things… So both of us will be ready to receive the pieces of art and writing, the voices of questions born from the experience,and growth with mutual understanding.
As it is more an experience than an aim to achieve, the group will be adapting itself to the realities of the JOURNEY…speeding or slowling, stopping and refraining from rush. Changing over the way, searching for different pathways, crossroads, or sometimes, navigating on the bliss of soft etheric medium.

At the beginning… was The Word..
It was the One… Word.
And the Sound created Life.
And the Light created Soul.
The Cosmic Dance started the pilgrimmage
of the Cosmic Division…
engendering cycles of Life-Death-Life.
The One coupled Light and Darkness..
and so… became the Third ..
and from there….
the myriads of existences.
Expressed in the human soul,
the Theatre of the World shared roles.
And then became.. The Fool, The Pope,
the Empress, The World….
And numbers and figures dragging our souls,
combining elements, codes, behaviours, moods,
destinies, fates, birthings, and re-birthings,
couples and trios….bunches of flowers,
in rivers where The Moon-Mother cried,
and The Sun-Father nourished us.
The Dance has begun,
it will not cease….
The World ….Human voice,
is entering into the Spirit-Flesh vows.
Rosa Cobos

There will be a place for deep discussion, commenting, mutual teaching, gathering information, caressing the works of the members as if it were their own souls. Time for may be… attending needs, listening, meditating upon images, words, playing the instintive, more than the intelectual. We are now a team.. but need to be a “communion”.. and so that’s the aim… travellers found , joined just to travel along the Archetypal Journey with us.

Thanks for being here .

Rosa . Tammy

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