Sit down and be comfortable

  • Solitary Dining by Martha Sherman
  • Dining in Maratea by Barbara  Brown
  • Outside the Office by Ethna Gillespie
  • Ferry Seating by lezvee
  • Silver chairs.  by Ian Ramsay
  • The bar at Pier 59, Derry, Northern Ireland by Shulie1
  • Setting the Mood by AsEyeSee
  • In a Moorish Gazebo by Yampimon
  • The Veranda of the Rodd  Charlottetown Hotel, PEI Canada by Shulie1
  •  ... a secret garden in Venice... by John44
  • Church Of Saint Tudno by Yampimon
  • Public Seating by phil decocco
  • For a relaxing moment by Manon Boily
  • Hung Up by phil decocco
  • Croquet Monsieur? by Yampimon
  • STAKED by andrewsaxton
  • Vacant Seats by debidabble
  • Kilted Table by Shulie1