TABBY TIME CATS... (Domestic Cats Only)

Group Rules:

As a member of Tabby Time Cats & Their Feline Friends, you automatically authorize the host(s) to use any image you submit to this group as a group avatar. Some challenge rewards may require the winning image to become the face of the completed challenge avatar. However, please know that your images will never be used as a challenge avatar for an active challenge….besides, you may want to submit your own awesome image to the challenge! Right?

Quality images, paintings, t-shirt designs, and drawings of domestic felines will be accepted in this group. (Large breed cat submissions such as leopards, tigers, lions, bobcats, etc. will be deleted.) This group is all about the appreciation of our feline friends.

Please submit high quality, tasteful images. More specifically, ones that your friends, family, and children would approve of. Anything offensive or of poor quality will be removed by the hosts without notice. (For Example: no violence, gore, inhumane images, political/personal attacks or snapshots.)

1) Our preference would be for you to NOT submit images with writing on them unless requested in a specific Tabby Time Cats challenge. (tiny signature/logo is fine)
2) Please do not add frames or borders to your submitted work….let your work speak for itself!!
3) Please refrain from sending in multiple versions of the same image – (ie. same image in color, b&w, sepia) choose your favorite and submit one.
4) Details about your submission are strongly encouraged.