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We want to expose your works! Photography, Drawings and other Fine Arts, Digital Art and Writing (short articles only please). NO SPIDERS, nothing that needs a Mature Filter

Recent Work

  • Bay of Fires - Tasmania - Australia by TonyCrehan
  • Blue Mood by WesternExposure
  • Horseshoe Lagoon Refelctions  by D-GaP
  • Succulent flower with mint leaves by TeAnne
  • Duality by Lesliebc
  • little sweets by Manon Boily
  • Patagonia 4: Where Sleeping Sea Lions Lay by Ted Byrne
  • Lehman Cave - Great Basin national Park by Kathy Weaver
  • Wartime Kitchen by Lesliebc
  • Sun Voyager by John Thurgood
  • Dune Flowers by CrismanArt
  • An Englishman in the Time of William I (1066-1067) by Dennis Melling

About This Group

We want to expose your works! Please, only post quality works.

No Spiders are accepted from November 2016

No added writings/text to your images except for Journal Entries (see below).

Journal Entries – maximum 2 per WEEK please and only those which can be classed as ART, i.e. short, well written descriptive prose or poems

If your work requires a Mature Filter please do not add it to the group.

Please read the rules before entering an image into the group. The image you upload should be your own and if not should be acknowledged to the original artist
Members who ignore this rule will be removed from our group.

All photographs require the camera make information, ie Canon EOS Rebel

All fine arts require the medium used, ie Acrylics on Board.

All computer generated arts require the name of the computer programmes used to create your image, i.e. Terragen, Photoshop, etc.

If work is taken off the internet then it must be acknowledged.

Thank you for your understanding, and your participation in the group.


A PLATED MEAL 22nd February 2019

Happy Breakfast by FrankieCat

Sparkling Crepes and whipped Cream for an Afternoon Delight – Paris, France by Yannik Hay


Sweet Snowman by DonnaM

Wishing you all Magic this Holiday Season by autumnwind

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ice lamp ladies by Perggals© – Stacey Turner

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On a Cold and Frosty Morning by AnnDixon

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