Sunrise, Sunset Scapes 2/24 - (NO SILHOUETTES)

Group Rules:

1. The images must be of a Landscapes/ Seascapes featuring a sunrise or sunset.
2. Two images per member to be submitted per 24 hour period.
3. The images MUST feature the rising or setting sun. It does not have to actually include the sun itself, it can be composed of the ambient glow of the sun. Visible rays and obvious brightness are more convincing.
4. Images that are taken away from the sun, with obvious back light from the sun highlighting the landscape will not be accepted.
5. All images must incorporate a land or sea scape etc.
6. This group intends to present only the finest quality work. Images are to be well composed , great DOF and have straight horizons.
7. Happy snaps or Holiday snaps will not be accepted.
8. Images of the sky only or sun only , will not be accepted.
9. Sorry, photography only. Straight from the camera or with minor edits. Heavily photoshopped images will be rejected.
10. All members must observe and follow RedBubble guidelines and policies.
11. SILHOUETTE images will be better suited to the Silhoettes Group. Images of SKIES/CLOUDS, or SKIES/WATER will be suited to other groups. Please try “Stunning Skyscapes”. GRAINY, poorly focused or poorly composed images will not be accepted.
12. If you are not sure of the images we are looking for, please take a look at our current featured images.