Sunrise, Sunset Scapes 2/24 - (NO SILHOUETTES)

Beautiful skyscapes at the start and close of the day

Recent Work

  • Sunset -1. January 2019 by Ana Belaj
  • Purple Sky by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Hythe Beach at Sunset by Dave Godden
  • A Path to the Sunset - Summer Walk in the Park by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Golden Valley by Ralph Goldsmith
  • Morning Has Broken  by lorilee
  • Red Sky over Charleston by Mandi  Ruch
  • Sun Shining On Shrimp Boat by Cynthia48
  • Blorenge sunset over the Brecon Beacons by sjbaldwin
  • Fairy Floss Sunset by Robert Armitage
  • The Hill by Ralph Goldsmith
  • Sunrise over Bass Strait - Tasmania  by cjcphotography

About This Group

This is a group dedicated to quality sunrise sunset landscape images. Sunrise/Sunset Scapes which either look directly at the sun in all its glory, or feature the ambient glow and skylights created by the sun prior to its rising and after its setting on the horizon.
All images MUST incorporate a landscape foreground.The image must be composed featuring the sunrise or sunset .
The new direction of this group is to shift more focus to the landscape in the foreground, whilst featuring at all times either sunrise or sunset. ONLY the best work will be accepted. Please refer to the featured images for standards before submitting your work.The intent is to create a group that represents the best interest of the RB community. The community being primarily its artists,to showcase the excellence of the artists that we have, and by setting a higher level of quality expectancy, we will better promote the beautiful images that the artists entrust RedBubble to do.
Two images per 24 hours per member.

The winner of our Red Sky Challenge is Penny Kittel with her picture Wooroolin Wetlands.

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Membership of the group is by invite only.