Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence! ( No Borders or texts added & only 1 Image per day please) CLOSED

Group Rules:

1. Only 1 Image Per day/24 hour hour period will be accepted.

2. We will accept some HDR shots if they remain very natural looking and are not over processed.

3. Panorama shots are accepted.

4. The shot has to be very well composed and Lighting & Composition has to form a very big part of the image.

5. We want to see High quality Images – not snapshots (unless of course you’re a legend and can take high quality snapshots)!

Below is a list of some of the images we won’t be accepting.

A. We are also not accepting anything run down. We don’t want dilapitated buildings or old vehicles with weeds growing through them or overgrown gardens etc.

B. We don’t want the same image submitted twice by just changing the processing – for example, a colour shot…and then in the next submission…presto! Same image but in mono!

C. We don’t want numerous images of the same subject taken from a slightly different position.

D. We are also not accepting artistic type images – those images that have changed from when the actual shot was taken or had elements added separately – exception being textures. We also are not accepting words or borders added to images.

E. Members should be aware of the rules this group has for challenges. Images must appear in the group before they can be nominated and eligible for votes. If you don’t have your photos in the group, submit them to the group for approval before the challenge closes, and when and if your photos are approved, then you can submit them to the challenge. If you nominate any photos that have not been approved to be in the group, the photo will be removed.

If you can live with these rules/guidelines/call them what you want, you’re welcome. If not, hell, there are stacks of other groups on here you can join

By clicking on “Join this group”, you are agreeing to abide by the rules for this group. If there are rules there that you can’t live with, you should not join this group.