Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence! ( No Borders or texts added & only 1 Image per day please) CLOSED

For this group, the use of light, and good exposure and composition are key factors in producing high quality images.This means we want to see your best work up here: Work that has Style, Class, Elegance and is Excellent!

*Best Featured Work (II)*

This challenge closed almost 9 years ago.

The Challenge

As a way of celebrating the outstanding work featured here, we are running another Best Featured Work Challenge. Please ensure you read the rules applying to this challenge.

The Challenge
It can be any image at all that has been Featured in Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence.
Only people with Featured Work in our group can submit photos and then voting is open to all members of this group. If you want to be part of the challenge, just nominate one of your photos that has been Featured in our group and then the members vote for a photo out of the photos nominated.

Only one image per member please

Judging / Voting Criteria

Judging / Voting Criteria

Images must appear in the Featured Work section in this group before they can be nominated and eligible for votes. If any photos are nominated that have not been Featured in this group, the photo will be removed. All photos nominated must have the image/comment we send each member after their photo is selected to be Featured.

Rewards & Prizes

No prizemoney is offered, just the joy of knowing you took the photo that wins our “Best Featured Photo” title.

We will display the winning photo on the groups main page until we run our next “Best Featured Photo” competition, so anyone looking at the group page now will see your photo displayed, with a link to the photo and a link to your home page. We will feature your photo under the group icon photo.

Additional Information

Have fun and we look forward to seeing a bunch of outstanding images.

Cover Image: Crocodile Tear by Sue Nueckel


The Top Ten

Inside by Paul Manning

Inside by Paul Manning was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 6 votes.

  • Mustang Trail by Arla M. Ruggles
  • Ripples by aabzimaging
  • Monument Valley by Linda Gregory
  • In the Stillness of the Forest by Kofoed
  • Sailing Ship in the Dawn   by paolo1955
  • Lights of Surfers by D Byrne
  • Wooden boat by Veikko  Suikkanen
  • Relaxing.... by sstarlightss

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